Fairy Finance

The Crypto Project that just works

Unique investment opportunities. Passive income generator. Try it today!

What is Fairy Finance?

Fairy Finance is a unique blockchain platform running on the Cronos network. It combines decentralized finance, latest investment strategies, and NFTs.

Which tokens are offered?

UNICORN is Fairy Finance's main token. It is pegged to the price of CRO which represents the main token on the Cronos network. WINGS and MAGICBOND are additional tokens of the project.

Where can I buy tokens?

mm.finance is Fairy Finance's main trading platform and offers the best liquidity for your trades.

Investment strategies for everyone

Fairy Finance makes sophisticated crypto investment strategies accessible to everyone. Staking, yield farming, crypto nodes, and much more — as easy as shopping on Amazon.

Highest Returns

Fairy Finance's products are designed to utilize the latest DeFi technologies. Therefore, we can deliver sustainable returns of up to 3% daily.

Double Reward System

As one of the world's first blockchain platforms, Fairy Finance introduced a double reward system. What does it mean for you? You make one investment and receive rewards twice!